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Small Group

2-3 people
In a small group, you have a lot of speaking time with other people. Learn from listening to each other. Create your small group with friends and family for practice and added support and enjoyment! Help each other practice and retain skills.


Large Group

4+ people
This is the most budget friendly! You can have many study partners and you will learn and practice with a variety of people, giving you a variety of examples. Lessons are designed for general learning and practice and will include common concerns and interests. Create your own group with your family and friends or join an existing group. Text for times and locations of existing large groups.


Early beginners, Young or Old, need small steps with pictures, repetition, and encouragement. Learning needs to be fun, enjoyable, and practical. I can help you learn English even when a smile is all we have in common.

When you know some English, but not a lot, many things are confusing! Vocabulary building and basic sentence structures are important as well as the ability to ask people to speak more slowly. The speed of speech is a barrier. Learn to recognize which words blend together so that you can identify what was said and repair what you said with humor and confidence.

When English is your second language, you may be trained in technical writing, but struggle to understand humor in the newspaper or in the lunchroom. Maybe you need more skill in giving presentations or editing. Whatever skill you want to acquire, if it is English, we can do it!

I think accents can be beautiful! However, if your accent makes you difficult for others to understand, there are likely just a few changes that need to be practiced for your speech to become more easily understood. Usually, these changes can be made in just a few lessons, if you are willing to do the homework! Second language learners might find identity in their accent, which can be retained at the same time as you become easier to understand. No longer will your difficult speech impede your relationships!

Whether you speak no English or very good English, the most important words are practical. You need the right English to be able to function during your stay, and you need the practical skills and vocabulary NOW!
Lessons are designed to meet your goals:

General Communication Skills:
Asking for directions
Ordering food from a menu
Figurative language
Telephone skills
Following instructions
& more!
Specific Skills:
Speaking fluency
Listening comprehension
Reading skills
Writing & texting skills
Vocabulary including multiple meaning words
Grammar and Sentence building
Cadence, rhythm, tone
& more!
Cultural Skills: Miscommunication happens due to culture, even if you spoke your English correctly! People don’t often realize their own culture. Let’s talk about the weird thing that happened and see if the problem is cultural differences. Here are actual questions students have asked:
"Why that man offer me food 3 times, even though I said “No.”?"
"Why did that lady get mad at me?"
"When I ask the question, she stare at me. Why she stare at me?"
"I smiled and say yes, why he walk away?"
Functional Skills in this climate and culture: Supplies for cooking, cleaning, and living are different around the world. Sometimes, help is needed to solve these problems, especially if you come from climate that is much different from Minnesota. Some questions I have been asked include:
"How do I dress for cold here? Where do I buy these clothes?"
"What are 'snow tires?'"
"What do I use to wash the floors? Where is the floor hole? (drain)"
"What is a slow cooker?"
"Why did my landlord tell me to turn off the stove? I was cold!"
"Are crickets dangerous?"
"Where do I put the rope? (clothes line inside; never saw a dryer)"
"My child is sick, where do I go?"

Your lessons are tailored to meet your needs.

Even though I plan a lesson, I want to know about your communication struggles. This allows me to understand your specific needs in language or culture. Your life experience determines some of your communication needs. You language skill level is only part of that. What is happening in your life matters, so let’s focus on the communication that supports your life, your needs, and your desires.

Your learning needs to be applied to life right now!

When you leave a lesson, I want you to leave with immediate understanding and application. The practical skills you need are discovered when you get stuck. You may need help with basic communication, following signs, ordering from a menu, or understanding instructions. Maybe you need help to understand the humor of American colleagues, or maybe your accent makes it hard for others to understand you. Maybe your boss says you need English lessons and you don’t know why. (I can figure that out!) Maybe you have a presentation to give and need help with tone or cadence of speech? These skills are practical and when you can see a change in your abilities, you will gain confidence and courage.

Brain science shows that we learn best if we enjoy the learning!

This is not only true for children. Adults learn faster and retain better, too, if the experience is enjoyable. What we practice through repetition we learn, but repetition need NOT be boring! Pleasant, confidence-building lessons that are varied and include life experiences and activities will boost retention with less effort. Why make hard work boring? Why not make it fun?

ema"First, I am using google translation for this to make it good. Mss Dinalyn She helped me to by explaining the medicine and the terms in English, She helped to to communicate with people by taking the simple words from me and telling people what i need for a hospital, music, or personal stuff, artistic or scientific, or responsibilities. she helped me write appointments with people in a polite, formal, decent and understandable way. A way of writing in English to look not confusing and disturb to the English speakers from my style, and what I want from them, she helped me to explain cultural things and the meanings of words and the purposes of things of locals and residents in Minnesota with all that I need to communicate in the field of health and public relations. of you Being an Arab traveler or students or traveler from the Middle East being difficult to understand many of the purposes of the American people and culture of the speaking also in the writing and in the hearing, and even special social occasions. She is understanding that you speaks slowly and slowly you understand English. I recommend to Mss. Dinalyn to be your guide in explaining meanings of English in English."
السيدة دينالين ساعدتني في شرح الادوية والمواعيد والمصطلحات بالانجليزية، ساعدتني على التواصل مع الناس من خلال انها تاخذ الكلمات البسيطة ومااريده وتخبر الناس من مستشفى او موسيقى او مسؤوليات شخصية او فنية او علمية، كانت تساعدني في كتابة المواعيد مع الناس بطريقة مهذبة ورسمية ولائقة ومفهومة افضل من طريقة في الكتابة بالانجليزية بحيث تحير وتشوش على المتحدثين بالانجليزية اسلوبي الذي يكون غريب عليهم، وماارغب فيه معهم، ساعدتني على شرح امور ثقافية ومعاني الكلمات والمقاصد حتى مع المحليين والساكنين في ولاية مينيسوتا بكل مااحتاج اليه في التواصل في مجال الصحة والعلاقات العامة كونك مسافر او طالب عربي او مسافر من الشرق الاوسط كونه من الصعب علي فهم الكثير من مقاصد الشعب الامريكي وثقافته في الحديث وفي الكتابة وفي السمع وحتى المناسبات الاجتماعية خاصة انها تفهمك وتعلم بانك تتحدث ببطء وبانك تفهم ببطء اللغة الانجليزية. انا اوصي بالسيدة دينالين بان تكون الموجه لك في وشرح فهم المقاصد والمعاني الانجليزية بالانجليزية.
Ema Shah - Kuwait
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